Remedial Conservation Works Overview


The Work

Glorat, the Clarke Homestead was registered by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust as a Category 2 Historic Place on 23 June, 1983. Register Number 478. This category includes “...places of historical or cultural heritage significance or value”

The site of Glorat is also a significant archaeological site. Such a site is defined by the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014 as “a place associated with pre-1900 human activity, where there may be evidence relating to the history of New Zealand, and any site that meets this definition is afforded automatic statutory protection under the Act”

In 2016, the Whangarei Museum and Heritage Trust enlisted the expertise of Reynolds & Associates to survey the Homestead and Oruaiti Chapel (which has since had it’s recommended conservation work finished). Project management and heritage guidance will be provided by Reynolds and Associates throughout the process. As the writer of the assessment report, this will ensure continuity of knowledge of these unique heritage buildings and its site. There are significant works needed to ensure this building has longevity and to stop further deterioration.



Glorat's cladding showing its age- the outbuildings to the back have recently had work to stabilise and conserve the structure as Stage One of the project.



Remedial action: Summary

The works proposed by Reynolds & Associates accord with standards of ICOMOS New Zealand Charter for Conservation and are as follows:



Clear all spoutings of Norfolk pine seeds and other leaf litter
Replace rainhead at the rear of the building with one of appropriate size
Replace all corroded sections of verandah roof (preferably programmed with full roof replacement when details of age are found.)


Check date of last main roof replacement to plan for a timely replacement.
Establish monitoring programme.



Assess stability of chimneys


Verandah structure


Undertake repairs to verandah post junctions with rafters in two indicated positions where the verandah roof changes direction.
Further investigate insecure boards in line with French door D13
Repair baseboards. Replacement replicating original horizontal style recommended.


Remove intrusive trellis and picket fence, north elevation.


Weatherboard Cladding


Remove vegetation growing against building
Repair rot to rear weatherboard RHS of back porch
Repair rot to RHS of window, Maid’s Room, South elevation
Add soakers to weatherboard jons LHS of back porch
Repair damaged weatherboard in vicinity of former bathroom, North elevation


Institute annual low pressure soft wash to weatherboard and verandahs



Undertake repairs to all door sills and doors suffering from rot
Treat rust on all ironwork
Restore French Doors to working order as detailed above
Restore all sash windows to working order (as above)
Re-putty all windows with loose putty
Treat rot in all exposed window sills as for rot in French Door sills


Install mortise deadlocks on front and rear doors
Commence inspection programme as per Cyclical Maintenance Plan, 2016
Initiate programme of inspection of all joinery to ensure regular cleaning and early detection of deterioration

Plumbing & drainage


Ensure all downpipes that discharge to ground discharge well clear of the building and do not pond or direct water back towards the structure.
Install extensions where necessary to direct water away from house (Note : requires Archaeological Authority from HNZ)


Audit all stormwater pipes to ensure they are working effectively
Ensure all downpipes are correctly sized for their load
Treat corrosion on hose reel
Remove trip hazard from redundant alkathene pipe North elevation



Evaluate current status of piling
Investigate drooping of verandah below W2 (Front room)


Form subfloor access
Replace ailing baseboards in original style
Plan for future work on foundations



The Funding

The total funding required is $617,000- The first 85% was gratefully secured from funding awarded by the Whangarei District Council Partnership Fund, NZ Lottery, Foundation North, Stout Trust, Oxford Sports Trust and Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate.

We have recently secured the final portion needed for the initial exterior works from the Strategic Tourism Assets Protection Programme.

We are expecting to still need funding support for specific conservation work in the interior of the homestead. This will be follow on work once the exterior is completed.

This will ensure that the unique Clarke Homestead “Glorat” and it’s outbuildings cc 1880 structure are preserved for the current community and future generations. Not doing the works places the buildings at very real risk of continued deterioration and total loss.






How can you contribute to the project?

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As we approach 50 years on Heritage Park, donations have enabled us to honour our heritage into the future and align donors with a wholesome and rewarding outcome- such as the Selwyn Milne bequest which went towards restoring Heritage Parks dilapadated rock walls (a significant heritage feature of the site).

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For a virtual tour of Glorat, the Clarke Homestead, please use this link to explore the interior. You will see that the rooms contain extensive number of collection items, that will be needing removal before the building works can begin. Museum staff will also use this opportunity to catalogue the array of artefacts within Glorat, something that couldn't be done while the Homestead was open to the public.

Glorat Virtual Tour CLICK HERE


With the completion of this project, Glorat will survive the elements into the future- its contents and heritage value protected.


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