Kiwi North welcomes International Student groups.

We provide unique New Zealand social and natural history experiences, just 2 hours north of Auckland.

With the Whangarei Museum, the ONLY Kiwi House in Northland and a beautiful park with heritage buildings all in one place this allows us to create bespoke programmes for your students.  These can cover a single subject of interest or a combination of subjects.  

You can spend an hour or a whole day with us. 


Popular activities:

Meet New Zealand’s unique native animals:

Kiwi - Kiwi North provides the only opportunity in Northland for you to view Kiwi, the flightless bird that is awake at night and sleeps all day, and is the only bird in the world to have the nostrils on the end of the beak.  See them foraging in a natural environment in our nocturnal kiwi house where we turn day into night.  

Tuatara – New Zealand’s living dinosaur.  A reptile species that has existed for 250 million years with individual animals living well over 100 years. 

Gecko - New Zealand’s beautiful, colourful gecko are the only ones in the world to give birth to live young.  All other gecko in the world lay eggs.


Early settler activities:

Dress up in early settler costume and become a student in the 1898 Riponui School House.

Do household chores such as the washing or making cheese as the residents of the 1886 Clarke Homestead would have.

Explore the Whangarei Museum exhibitions that will introduce you to taonga Maori (Maori treasures), early settler items and our environment.


Additional: (Prices on application)

A ride on a full-size train through the Park and beautiful native bush.

A hay-trailer and tractor ride through the Park.

Enquiries to or 0064-94389630


Admission for International Student Programme for 2021:

$5.00 per Student

Accompanying adults: One adult free per six students

Additional adults: $20 each


Download Sample Full Day Programme

Download Sample Half Day Programme