Northland Vintage Car Club

Northland Vintage Machinery Club

Scales and Tails - All Part of Life and Tides

Whangārei Steam and Model Railway Club

Life and Tides Exhibition

Whangārei Rock and Gemstone Club

The Desk of Dreams

Whangārei Model Engineering Club

Coal For Christmas

When the Country Comes to Town

Silver Festival at Kiwi North

Te Riu-a-Māui / Zealandia + The Great Te Tai Tokerau Northland ‘Paint by Numbers’ Geological Map Project

Puhipuhi Mines

September Live Day at Kiwi North

Public Buses

Oruaiti Chapel

Gomco Circumcision Clamp

The Windsor Hotel

Medical Quackery

Kiwi North Welcomes New Kiwi

Hat Block

Valet Auto Strop Safety Razor

Meccano Set

Planetarium North

Dear Bonny

Electric Jugs


Hat Box

Faka-Tokelau: Living With Change

Farewell Disco

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Butter Churn

Riponui Pah School

Buller’s Birds: The Art of Keulemans and Buchanan

Heritage Park Rides


The Clarke Family

Kamo Swimming Hole

Interning at Kiwi North

The Melodeon

Salter Public Weighing Scale

Movie Time

Bechstein Piano

Mystery Treasures

Kiwi North: Through The Eyes of a 10 Year Old

Wētā Hotel

Picnic Basket

Whisky Crock

Toys for Christmas

Christmas Cards

Kauri Gum

Whangarei Swimming Club

Singer For Certainty

A Brief History of Television in New Zealand

Minke Whale

Chamber Pots and Long Drops

Okara Park Stadium


Telephone Exchange


Art Revealing the Early Settler Experience

Columbian Printing Press

Mechanical Calculators

Kamo Springs

Singer 20

The Belvedere

Douglas B. Haigh

Geckos Galore

Mayor's Chair

Learning a Little Moa

Glass Fishing Float


Russian Bugle

The Kamo Brick Story

Moustache Cup

Rules for Teachers

Messages from the Past

Pumice Container

Peanut Dispenser

Wedding Dress

It's in the Bag

Flower Power

Mid-20th century Milk Boiler

Shell Money

1956 Music Week Programme

Old Newspaper

SS Muritai Shipwreck

In The Swim

Ski History

Quiver and Darts

Rectangular Cows

Shepherds Smocks

Childrens Victorian Boots

Captain Crozier’s Chest

Red Velvet Chairs


The Northern Advocate Our Treasures | 2021 Past Articles

David Elman Shoes

Cameron Street Parade

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh G. Carruth’s Uniform

Cameron Street Shop Plan

Paterson Contact Printer

Pot Menders

Hoe (paddle) Gifted to Robert Douglas

Commemorative Trowel

Big Tree Motor Oil

1920s Whangarei Parade

The Barometer

White Top Taxis

Y. Booker’s Surveying Gear

Biscuit Tin

Ihaka’s 1913 Maramataka

Stained Glass Firescreen

Gregg’s Spices

Carpet Beaters

Gray & Co Cordials

Children’s Chairs

Surveyor’s Theodolite

Visiting the New Zealand Centennial Exhibition

Laundry Day

The Rocking Horse

Money Belt

Victorian Cloaks

Pacific Clubs


Papua New Guinea Club

Whangarei’s First Hot Air Balloon

Lyceum Theatre

Walking Sticks

Copying Press

De Witt’s Pills

A Floral Centre Piece

Tea set with a Whangarei Flavour

Staple Press

A Slate of Hand


The Northern Advocate Our Treasures | 2020 Past Articles

Lantern Slides by Beattie & Sanderson

Tieing it Altogether. Metalace Shoe Ties

Josiah Martin Lantern Slides

A Plate For All Occasions

Ernst Plank Magic Lantern

A Weighty Matter

Sweet Delight Car Tin

Johann Strauss Rosin Box

Early Typewriters

A Mere Bagatelle

Holmes’ Needle Case

Happy Families Playing Cards

Recipe Book

Needle Books

The “Roaring” Twenties

Reotahi Freezing Works- Reotahi Freezing Works

Surgeon's Clock- Surgeon's clock fine example in Whangārei Museum collection

Dressing Table Set- Dressing table set has tales to tell

These Would Mystify Millennials- Vintage Hair Clips

Sewing Box on Display- Ornate, Rare Sewing Box on Display

Polio Pandemic Notebooks- Polio pandemic notebooks speak volumes

Trying times- The Ration Book

Early 20th century Kiwiana- NZ Playing Cards

Kiwi Pride- NZ Day Poster

Heritage Protection- Glorat, the Clarke Homestead

18th century etiquette- Calling Card Case

Cookies- Royal Doulton Biscuit Barrel

Clean water- Cheavins Water Filter

Curators Favourite- Mazawatte Tea Caddy

Central Whangarei- Marshall & Sons, Bank Street

Anybody for a cuppa?- The Cube Teapot

Fine Quality Shaving Stick- Dubois Shaving Stick

NZ's cuppa- Bell Tea

Bretby Pottery- The Curious Green Dish

Museums- Our home of Treasures

Stockings Inside Out- A leg up in the fashion stakes

The Humble Button- Whangārei Museum home to unique samples of buttons

Whangarei Bargains- Shopper habits timeless in Whangārei Museum Bargain Stores collection

Sewing Machine- A stitch in time - the Wertheim sewing machine

Silverplate Coffee Pot- Nothing beats a good cuppa tea

Davies Phones- Foray into old phones at Whangārei Museum fascinating

Pacific Tuluma Containers- Whangārei Museum home to 500 Pacific artefacts

Suspenders- Whangārei Museum exhibition examines underwear through the ages

Berlei Girdle- NZ made was the way to go

Pot Holder- Pot holder makes all the difference


The Northern Advocate Our Treasures | 2019 Past Articles

Christmas Cards- Whangārei Museum home to Victorian era Christmas card heirlooms

Amy Englund Florist- Florist's 1920's journey into business uncovered in Whangārei Museum archives

Joseph James Craig and Lady Richmond- Craig family contribution to Northland documented in Whangārei Museum archives

Chief Waikato's Powder Horn- Waikato's powder horn among important Northland taonga cared for at Whangārei Museum

L'Astrolabe & Boussole relics- Relics from vanished L'Astrolabe and Boussole frigates at Whangārei Museum

Stoats and Predators- Pest eradication programme at Kiwi North to protect native NZ animals

Stewart Warner radio- Evolution of radio for all to see at Whangārei Museum

The Layers of Life in a Historic Homestead- Glorat, the Clarke Homestead, at Whangārei's Kiwi North stands the test of time

McLean Portrait- Mystery man in Whangārei Museum's Art to Archives exhibition at Kiwi North identified

Le Clerc's Ostrich's- Ostrich feathers, fans and plumage adornments in Whangārei Museum from an industry long gone

Need for handcuffs in the North- Mair family handcuffs in Whangārei Museum among items donated by district's pioneering families

Phrenology Head- Victorian phrenology busts in Whangārei Museum archives

Lovatt Family Portrait- Historic images find home in Whangārei Museum collection but one portrait needs a name

Magic Lantern- Whangārei Museum's 'Laterna Magica' puts spotlight on projection systems long gone

Maunu Road Shop Plans- Suburban planning challenges revealed in Whangārei Museum's research

Douglas Family Locket- Finely crafted 'hair work' locket in Whangārei Museum's Art from the Archives exhibition

Water Street Photograph- Recent addition to Whangārei Museum collection shows slower pace of life

Quill Cutter- The art of handwriting ruined by modern technology

Treasure on our Doorstep- History of Whangārei's Kiwi North and Heritage Park impressive and there's more to come

Visiting Cards- Visitor cards in Whangārei Museum archives historical counterpart to modern business card

Fly Whisks- Fly whisks or 'fue' in Whangārei Museum archives believed to have originated in Samoa

George Cruikshank Matrimonial Ladder- Card ladder in Kiwi North's Whangārei Museum archive highlights importance of family collections

Pearson's Camera Equipment- Rev Pearson items in Whangārei Museum archives bring to light feats of a devoted and serious photographer

Whangarei Bottlers- Whangārei Museum home to examples of early packaging, especially bottles

Swanberg Bakers- Tray in Whangārei Museum archives tangible reminder of Swanberg family's contribution to our local history

Clarke Bros Preserves- Local fruit industry legacy preserved in Whangārei Museum archives

Mabel Clarke's Herbarium- Whangārei Museum's herbarium reflects interest in collecting plant specimens in 1800s

Jane Mander Study- Read more about the little hexagon building on Heritage Park

Spittoon- Museum staff discover 19th-century 'spittoon' in archives

Well Pump- W & B Douglas pump at Whangārei Museum gives valuable insight

Planet Junior Hand Cultivators- Fitting tribute to hand cultivator pioneer Planet Junior in Whangārei Museum

Broadbill Swordfish - Giant swordfish caught near Whangārei a hit on world stage

Hearing Aid- Whangārei Museum staff discover early hearing device

Wairere Orchard - Dobbie's Orchard features in 'Growing Local' exhibition

Waka Tiwai Project - Waka journeys on Mangakahia and Wairua rivers on display

Whangarei Dad's Day- Kiwi North Barnardos Dads' Day welcomes spring in style

Ink Bottles - Ink bottles in a class of their own at Whangārei Museum

Knife Rests- Dining table etiquette on display at Whangārei Museum

Farmers Trading Co. Catalogues- Farmers catalogues in Whangārei Museum track 20th century trends

A Very Brief History of Jewellery- Jewellery pieces in Whangārei Museum collection

Poroti Wars- Old photo in Whangārei Museum of peace at Porotī - the last musket war

Edwardian Fashions- Edwardian fashions on display at Whangārei Museum

Jug with History- Little milk jug in Whangarei Museum carries much history

Dating Antique Photographs- Whangārei Museum home to many nameless, undated images

Handheld Fans - Hand-held fans keep Whangārei Museum cool

A Trip Round New Zealand- Mystery surrounds trip around New Zealand photos

1920s Flapper - 1920s glitz, glamour on display at Whangārei Museum

Corsets - 'Inside Out' underwear exhibition at Whangārei Museum

Expanda Belt- Whangārei Museum clothing items mark passage of time


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