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The Northern Advocate Our Treasures | 2021 Articles


Papua New Guinea Club

Whangarei’s First Hot Air Balloon

Lyceum Theatre

Walking Sticks

Copying Press

De Witt’s Pills

A Floral Centre Piece

Tea set with a Whangarei Flavour

Staple Press

A Slate of Hand


The Northern Advocate Our Treasures | 2020 Past Articles

Lantern Slides by Beattie & Sanderson

Tieing it Altogether. Metalace Shoe Ties

Josiah Martin Lantern Slides

A Plate For All Occasions

Ernst Plank Magic Lantern

A Weighty Matter

Sweet Delight Car Tin

Johann Strauss Rosin Box

Early Typewriters

A Mere Bagatelle

Holmes’ Needle Case

Happy Families Playing Cards

Recipe Book

Needle Books

The “Roaring” Twenties

Reotahi Freezing Works- Reotahi Freezing Works

Surgeon's Clock- Surgeon's clock fine example in Whangārei Museum collection

Dressing Table Set- Dressing table set has tales to tell

These Would Mystify Millennials- Vintage Hair Clips

Sewing Box on Display- Ornate, Rare Sewing Box on Display

Polio Pandemic Notebooks- Polio pandemic notebooks speak volumes

Trying times- The Ration Book

Early 20th century Kiwiana- NZ Playing Cards

Kiwi Pride- NZ Day Poster

Heritage Protection- Glorat, the Clarke Homestead

18th century etiquette- Calling Card Case

Cookies- Royal Doulton Biscuit Barrel

Clean water- Cheavins Water Filter

Curators Favourite- Mazawatte Tea Caddy

Central Whangarei- Marshall & Sons, Bank Street

Anybody for a cuppa?- The Cube Teapot

Fine Quality Shaving Stick- Dubois Shaving Stick

NZ's cuppa- Bell Tea

Bretby Pottery- The Curious Green Dish

Museums- Our home of Treasures

Stockings Inside Out- A leg up in the fashion stakes

The Humble Button- Whangārei Museum home to unique samples of buttons

Whangarei Bargains- Shopper habits timeless in Whangārei Museum Bargain Stores collection

Sewing Machine- A stitch in time - the Wertheim sewing machine

Silverplate Coffee Pot- Nothing beats a good cuppa tea

Davies Phones- Foray into old phones at Whangārei Museum fascinating

Pacific Tuluma Containers- Whangārei Museum home to 500 Pacific artefacts

Suspenders- Whangārei Museum exhibition examines underwear through the ages

Berlei Girdle- NZ made was the way to go

Pot Holder- Pot holder makes all the difference


The Northern Advocate Our Treasures | 2019 Past Articles

Christmas Cards- Whangārei Museum home to Victorian era Christmas card heirlooms

Amy Englund Florist- Florist's 1920's journey into business uncovered in Whangārei Museum archives

Joseph James Craig and Lady Richmond- Craig family contribution to Northland documented in Whangārei Museum archives

Chief Waikato's Powder Horn- Waikato's powder horn among important Northland taonga cared for at Whangārei Museum

L'Astrolabe & Boussole relics- Relics from vanished L'Astrolabe and Boussole frigates at Whangārei Museum

Stoats and Predators- Pest eradication programme at Kiwi North to protect native NZ animals

Stewart Warner radio- Evolution of radio for all to see at Whangārei Museum

The Layers of Life in a Historic Homestead- Glorat, the Clarke Homestead, at Whangārei's Kiwi North stands the test of time

McLean Portrait- Mystery man in Whangārei Museum's Art to Archives exhibition at Kiwi North identified

Le Clerc's Ostrich's- Ostrich feathers, fans and plumage adornments in Whangārei Museum from an industry long gone

Need for handcuffs in the North- Mair family handcuffs in Whangārei Museum among items donated by district's pioneering families

Phrenology Head- Victorian phrenology busts in Whangārei Museum archives

Lovatt Family Portrait- Historic images find home in Whangārei Museum collection but one portrait needs a name

Magic Lantern- Whangārei Museum's 'Laterna Magica' puts spotlight on projection systems long gone

Maunu Road Shop Plans- Suburban planning challenges revealed in Whangārei Museum's research

Douglas Family Locket- Finely crafted 'hair work' locket in Whangārei Museum's Art from the Archives exhibition

Water Street Photograph- Recent addition to Whangārei Museum collection shows slower pace of life

Quill Cutter- The art of handwriting ruined by modern technology

Treasure on our Doorstep- History of Whangārei's Kiwi North and Heritage Park impressive and there's more to come

Visiting Cards- Visitor cards in Whangārei Museum archives historical counterpart to modern business card

Fly Whisks- Fly whisks or 'fue' in Whangārei Museum archives believed to have originated in Samoa

George Cruikshank Matrimonial Ladder- Card ladder in Kiwi North's Whangārei Museum archive highlights importance of family collections

Pearson's Camera Equipment- Rev Pearson items in Whangārei Museum archives bring to light feats of a devoted and serious photographer

Whangarei Bottlers- Whangārei Museum home to examples of early packaging, especially bottles

Swanberg Bakers- Tray in Whangārei Museum archives tangible reminder of Swanberg family's contribution to our local history

Clarke Bros Preserves- Local fruit industry legacy preserved in Whangārei Museum archives

Mabel Clarke's Herbarium- Whangārei Museum's herbarium reflects interest in collecting plant specimens in 1800s

Jane Mander Study- Read more about the little hexagon building on Heritage Park

Spittoon- Museum staff discover 19th-century 'spittoon' in archives

Well Pump- W & B Douglas pump at Whangārei Museum gives valuable insight

Planet Junior Hand Cultivators- Fitting tribute to hand cultivator pioneer Planet Junior in Whangārei Museum

Broadbill Swordfish - Giant swordfish caught near Whangārei a hit on world stage

Hearing Aid- Whangārei Museum staff discover early hearing device

Wairere Orchard - Dobbie's Orchard features in 'Growing Local' exhibition

Waka Tiwai Project - Waka journeys on Mangakahia and Wairua rivers on display

Whangarei Dad's Day- Kiwi North Barnardos Dads' Day welcomes spring in style

Ink Bottles - Ink bottles in a class of their own at Whangārei Museum

Knife Rests- Dining table etiquette on display at Whangārei Museum

Farmers Trading Co. Catalogues- Farmers catalogues in Whangārei Museum track 20th century trends

A Very Brief History of Jewellery- Jewellery pieces in Whangārei Museum collection

Poroti Wars- Old photo in Whangārei Museum of peace at Porotī - the last musket war

Edwardian Fashions- Edwardian fashions on display at Whangārei Museum

Jug with History- Little milk jug in Whangarei Museum carries much history

Dating Antique Photographs- Whangārei Museum home to many nameless, undated images

Handheld Fans - Hand-held fans keep Whangārei Museum cool

A Trip Round New Zealand- Mystery surrounds trip around New Zealand photos

1920s Flapper - 1920s glitz, glamour on display at Whangārei Museum

Corsets - 'Inside Out' underwear exhibition at Whangārei Museum

Expanda Belt- Whangārei Museum clothing items mark passage of time


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