Our ELC programmes at Kiwi North create immersive learning experiences and are facilitated by our Educator at our place, yours or another venue in Te Tai Tokerau. 


We make the paperwork easy with only one booking/planning form. We provide the RAMS and itinerary.

Teachers who are planning a visit with us are invited for a courtesy pre-visit to meet with our Educator, view our site and discuss your programme.


Choose from our available programme topics and suggestions, and we will create a learning experience just for your students.

Partnership Programmes

 Kiwi North’s Educator can run sessions off-site, in partnership with the following organisations:

Bream Head Conservation Trust

Dragonfly Springs

Pukenui Western Hills Forest Trust

The Whitebait Connection


Topics can include:

Environmental science

Conservation methods

Freshwater ecology

Wetland ecology

Flora and fauna


Special Programmes

 These take place throughout the year and may be connected to national initiatives such as SeaWeek/Conservation Week. These programmes can often be facilitated at your school.

Special programmes can be offered which are linked to temporary exhibitions at the museum.


Information about these are emailed to all teachers and schools that on our Education mailing list.

If you do not receive our emails and wish to be added to this list, please let us know!

The Educator also supports other museums and venues through the NMA