Open Friday - Tuesday, 10am - 4pm

Here at Kiwi North you can learn about the unique kiwi and observe natural behaviour in the purpose built state-of-the-art enclosure.  Also see New Zealand's living dinosaur the Tuatara, and our indigenous Gecko.

Inside the Kiwi House

Here in Northland’s only nocturnal house we turn day into night, even replicating seasonal temperatures, to create a living, natural environment for New Zealand’s elusive iconic bird, the Kiwi. Watch them foraging for the live food and interacting in their enclosure just as they would in the wild. Cameras provide excellent viewing when they are inside their burrows preening, napping or simply doing the housework.


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The Kiwi House is also home to a Tuatara, an ancient species from the time of the dinosaurs, over 250 million years ago, and found only in New Zealand. This fascinating creature leaves his enclosure for close up encounters for booked groups and during school holidays. 

Tuatara is a Maori word meaning "spiny back". Tuatara habitat comprises of coastal forest or scrub with a relatively open under-storey. Like other reptiles, tuatara are cold blooded, which means their temperatures change with the air temperature.


View several species of beautiful native gecko cleverly camouflaged within their environments. They are well worth the few minutes it can take to spot them. The gecko’s colouring provides fantastic camouflage; it’s a real test to find them in their enclosures.


The Northland and Auckland Green are bright green to blend with the leaves while the Forest Geckos blend with bark and lichen. Their diet consists of invertebrates, nectar and fruit.