Exploration of the Living World and Education for sustainability


Live flora and fauna of the nocturnal kiwi house and Millington Bush are at the heart of these programmes which reflect conservation issues, how we interact with our local environment and how we protect it for future generations.


Topics covered include (but are not limited to):


·        Our Ngahere

·        Pests and predators

·        The kauri tree

·        Kauri dieback

·        The kiwi bird

·        Lizards

·        Invertebrates (minibeasts/bugs/insects/butterflies)

·        Extinction

·        Geology 


Activity options include (but are not limited to):


·         Millington Bush walk – with optional bug hunt/nature bingo

·         Kiwi House visit to observe kiwi, invertebrates and geckos

·         Close up gecko encounter

·         Pests and predator session with NRC Biosecurity Officer

·         Making bird feeders/bug hotels

·         Education Centre session with our Educator

·         Discover rocks and gems with the Whangārei Rock and Gemstone Club


All topics can be adapted to accommodate age and size of visiting group. Objectives are discussed to determine the specific content and activities for your programme.