How much does it cost to come to Kiwi North?

LEOTC visits cost $ 5 per child. This includes entry to Kiwi North (covering the kiwi house, the museum, and the heritage park) as well as your specified workshop. Accompanying teachers and adults are free in the ratio of 1:6 ( i.e. 1 free adult for every 6 children). Adults accompanying a child with special needs are free. Any other adults above the ratio are most welcome and will be charged at $20 each.

For details of public admission charges, venue hire and other costs, please contact us.

How many students can I bring to Kiwi North?

Each indoor facility can accommodate up to 2 classes at a time.  A maximum capacity of 50 students can enjoy activities and lunch in the Education Centre.

We can arrange rotational programmes that keep 120 students busy for a day.

Some of the heritage buildings and the Kiwi House have a smaller capacity, so please check with the Education Team.

How long does an education programme take?

You can comfortably spend the whole day here and still not be bored!  Most of the workshops are 40 minutes in length. Usually our programmes run for between 2 and 4 hours, with time in between for morning tea and lunch. You can discuss all your requirements with the Education Team.

If you are travelling a distance to reach Kiwi North, we want you to get the most out of your visit, so speak to us about what else you can do to enhance your visit. We have it all here on site – in one safe, child-friendly place.

Education services are usually offered Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 4:00pm.
Other considerations and restrictions may apply to off-site education activities.

What can we do at Kiwi North?

We have lots of different programmes and workshops with hands-on activities to suit all ages and abilities. There is the new nocturnal kiwi house and visitor centre, the museum and the heritage trail of historic buildings. There are bush walks, play areas and, for an additional cost, you could have a ride on the old engines, mini trains or tractors.

Do you have a cafe at Kiwi North?

Visiting teachers are offered complimentary tea and coffee at the Education Centre. We do not have a cafe or catering facilities though, so visitors will need to bring a packed lunch.

Can Kiwi North come and visit our school?




Please contact the Education team for full details of what’s available to enhance your local curriculum.

Is it the same as when I came 3 years ago?

No! It will be totally different. There are new animals in the nocturnal kiwi house, the Education Centre has been refreshed, there is a completely new suite of programmes, plenty of new exhibitions and exciting extra events. However, if you think you might have missed something, please contact the Education Team to discuss your concerns.

What ages is this suitable for?

Our education programmes can be adapted to suit all year levels. ELC programmes can be delivered to all MOE registered early learning centres, primary and secondary schools and home schooling groups.

What happens if it is raining?

Please contact the Education Team in the first instance. Kiwi North has its own little microclimate and is often unaffected by extremes of weather that other districts might experience! Multiple venues are indoors and we provide umbrellas so that visitors can move about the heritage park without getting wet. We do ask that all schoolchildren should plan to bring a jacket and appropriate footwear, especially if involved in environmental education.The Education Centre is a large enough space to accommodate school groups at meal times.