Explore questions such as;


·        Where did settlers to Whangārei come from?

·        How did they get here?

·        What challenges did they face?

·        How did they live?


Kiwi North holds extensive social history collections which tell the local stories of both Māori and Pākehā settlers.  Changing displays and exhibitions in the museum tell the stories of the many people who have made Whangārei their home. 


Experience life as it was in the late 1800s/early 1900s through immersive experiences in our heritage buildings (Glorat Homestead and its outbuildings, Riponui Pah School) and through hands on exploration of objects from the period.

Our onsite Heritage Clubs and their members can offer enrichment into the history of transport and machinery. Discover vehicles from the past at the Northland Vintage Car Club, take a ride on a train with the Whangārei Steam and Model Railway Club or watch historic machines working at the Whangārei Stationary Engineering Club.


Objectives are discussed to determine the specific content and activities for your programme.  

Programmes are created to accommodate these objectives, the age and the size of the visiting group.