Kiwi North holds extensive social history collections which tell the local stories of both Maori and Pakeha settlers.  Changing displays tell the stories of the many people who have made Whangarei their home.  Educator sessions help students to answer important questions: Why have people come to live in Whangarei? Where did settlers come from? What challenges did they face?

  • Ruapekapeka & Northern Wars

    Tai Tokerau has a rich cultural history pre-european settlement. Discover the key personalities, the local places associated with them and what drove the wars. 

    Suitable: Year 4 - 9
  • Pioneer NZ

    What was life like in the late 1800s/early 1900s? Students will journey back in time and experience pioneer life in Whangarei. Objects and replicas from the period will be used to carry out household tasks and make household items. Have a lesson in the school house, make cheese, sausages and preserves. Shop in the grocery store and do the washing circa 1900. Transport and industry.

    Suitable: New Entrants - Year 9.
  • Kiwiana

    Discover kiwiana and what makes us uniquely kiwi! Students experience the technologies and the people that are NZ icons.

    Suitable: New entrants - Year 9.
  • Early Encounters

    Explore early trading and the encounters between Maori and Europeans. Design flags, discover explorers. 

    Suitable: Year 4 - 9