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SPECIAL EXHIBTION - Art from the Archives 20th December 2018 to 12th May 2019

Story Book Easter Sunday 21st April 2019

Medieval Madness 27th January 2019

Anne Frank, let me be myself exhibition, from 1st October 2018

Super Wednesday - celebrating senior citizens the 1st Wednesday of every month.

Kiwi Feeding 11am, 1pm & 3pm daily.

3rd Sunday of every month is "running" day, trains and tractors on the move!

Wednesdays at Kiwi North

The Moa Cave

Unique Moa find! Over 2000 years ago a family of ...


Flash, our young tuatara, is waiting to meet you...

PUANGA, star of the New Year, star of abundance. 8th June to 14th Ocotber 2018

"Puanga  - star of the New Year, star of abundance"

9th June to 14th October 2018

Whangarei Museum will look to the past to inform ou modern Matariki celebrations through the exhibition Puanga from 8th June to 14th October.  Puanga historically was a time for family and friends to gather together from their seasonal settlements to commemorate lost ones. pass on whakapapa (genealogy) and matauranga (knowledge), and to focus on the preservation and storage of plentiful foods to support the coming year.  A collection of carefully curated taonga (treasures) will be on display to reflect these core concepts and connect us with the people that have lived these traditions before us.  Visitors will be encouraged to record their reflections on the year past inspired by the exhibition.

Mim Ringer Gallery, Whangarei Museum at Kiwi North

10am to 4pm daily, inlcuded in general admission

Gate1, 500 SH14 Maunu, Whangarei