Science Technology

Science Technology Programmes

The Education Centre at Kiwi North provides a stimulating learning environment where students can carry out hands-on investigations and explore the technology of collection items.

Group size: Minimum 1 class.  Maximum 2 classes.

Doctors and disease

Students investigate how diseases spread - interactive experiments using scientific principles.  Through role-play and reconstructions students investigate historical events which helped to make medical history both nationally and internationally.

Suitable Year 4-8

Light and colour

Hands-on investigation with a mix of art and science.  Students explore light and colour, mixing pigments, how the eye sees and have fun with optical illusions.

Suitable Year 4-8

Sense and sound

Students carry out their own experiments to discover all about pitch, tone, harmonics, how the ear works and how we hear music. Hands-on investigation combining science with music and technology.

Suitable Year 3-8

Wheels that work

Students explore the transport collection, heritage machinery and discover all sorts of amazing connections! A great way to investigate maths and materials technology with fun experiments using scientific concepts.

Suitable Year 4-8.

Communication Through the Ages

Hands on study of communication through the ages, including the development of technology and writing, symbols,art and the secret messages they hide, codes and code breaking. Students explore what forms communication can take and its effects on society, have fun creating thier own codes and other practical activities.

Suitable Year 3-8.