Open 10am - 4pm everyday - Kiwi Feeding at 11am, 1pm & 3pm


Kiwi North's first ever Digital Scavenger Hunt!

Scavengers of Kiwi North is a fun new way to experience our three zones MUSEUM ● KIWI HOUSE ● HERITAGE PARK


Follow the digital hunt on Instagram @scavengersofkiwinorth and track visual clues as you journey through Kiwi North. You’ll need to look close, examine objects and explore our 25 acre grounds… who knows where the clues will take you?


And keep an eye out on our Facebook page for announcements of Super Clues and challenges at random. Make a day of it and bring a picnic for an activity the whole family can enjoy. Our clues are continually being refreshed, so visit to check out what’s new! 


Don't forget to tag #kiwinorth and we could share your posts! OR If you prefer to go old-skool, see the team for a hard copy Clue Map.


Goodluck scavengers!