Kiwi North Natural History and Science

Kiwi North natural history and science programmes

Live flora and fauna of the nocturnal kiwi house are at the heart of these programmes which  reflect growing interest in green issues, how we interact with our local environment and how we protect it for future generations.

Group size: Minimum 1 class. Maximum 2 classes.

Bugs and butterflies

What is an insect? Students will explore many different creatures to answer this question - using live specimens, objects from collections, microscopes and modelling.

Suitable New entrants - Year 6

Minibeasts and giant insects

Students will investigate live specimens and collection objects to explore unique NZ species. Students can compare scientific classification systems and traditional Maori Whakapapa to discover connections and amazing facts in this fun interactive session.

Suitable Year 4-9.

Kiwi's native neighbours

Students will explore biodiversity by examining live specimens and collection items. With hands-on investigation of habitats students will discover what makes a good community and build better homes for native Northland species.

Suitable Year 4-Adult

What's so special about our kiwi?

Discover what makes the kiwi our unique national icon. Students will explore live birds and collection specimens to compare beaks, feet, feathers and more. Creative performance and drama help to tell the story.

Suitable New entrants - Year 4.

Extinct is forever

Students explore evidence and collection objects to discover how and why native NZ species have become extinct. Students will use their skills in Interactive sessions to see if they too can avoid extinction!

Suitable Year 4-Adult.

Feed the birds

Students discover unique native species through live animals and collection specimens.  Traditional storytelling and taonga help students to understand the unique characteristics of Northland species.  Students will make and distribute suitable food for native birds in our nearby habitats.

Suitable Year 4-Adult.