Social Studies- archaeology and history

Kiwi North holds extensive social history collections which tell the local stories of both Maori and Pakeha settlers.  Changing displays tell the stories of the many people who have made Whangarei their home.  Educator sessions help students to answer important questions: Why have people come to live in Whangarei? Where did settlers come from? What challenges did they face?

Group size: Minimum 1 class. Maximum 2 classes.

Pioneer NZ

What was life like in the late 1800s/early 1900s?  Students will journey back in time and experience pioneer life in Whangarei.  Objects and replicas from the period will be used to carry out household tasks and make household items.

Suitable New Entrants - Year 9.

Bodies and Bones

Become a forensic detective for the day!  Students explore different detective investigation techniques both old and new.  Using the scientific skills of observation, measurement and prediction, students work with clues to solve problems and find out whodunit!

Suitable Year 6-Adult


Discover kiwiana and what makes us uniquely kiwi!  Students experience the technologies and the people that are NZ icons.

Suitable New entrants - Year 9.

WW100 - Northland Remembers

Discover the stories of Northlanders and thier families from WW1. Students will learn the history of WW1 and the effects it had on Northland families in our centenial exhibition. Audio visual documentaries, genuine artifacts and technologies of the day help students discover the challenges and innovations from this period.

Suitable Year 7 - Year 13 (adaptable for younger years).

Behind the scenes

At Kiwi North we have an amazing collection of taonga/treasures which tells the story of the rich and varied history of Whangarei.  Only about 10% is able to be shared through exhibitions at any given time.  Groups of around 10 students at a time can go 'behind the scenes' with the Education Team.  As well as viewing collection items, our curatorial and volunteer staff can share with you what they do and how it is done.

Suitable Year 6-Adult.